Choosing an Artist - South Jersey Tattoos

There are three main things you want to look for when choosing an artist/studio.

Step 1 - Cleanliness.    
When you enter a tattoo studio for the first time, look around and get a general feel for the place. Does the studio appear to be clean and well kept? Do the people working their look clean and well kept? You don’t need to be an expert to notice a nice clean environment. If they can’t take care of themselves and their studio then they can’t take care of you.
Step 2 - Portfolio.    
Once you’ve decided they meet your requirements for cleanliness it’s time to check out some portfolios. This is where it gets tricky. Big tattoos do not = good tattoos. A lot of people are impressed when they turn the page and see a huge back piece, but just because it’s big doesn’t mean it was done well. You need to look at the piece and break it down.

Start with the lines. Are the lines nice and clean and consistent? Or are they shaky and choppy? Do they come to nice points? If the skin looks like someone sliced it with a razorblade and you can see a crater where the line is, DO NOT let that person tattoo you!

How does the shading look? Are the colors nicely blended together or is the shading choppy and inconsistent? Did they color inside the lines? Did they color up to the lines or are there spaces/spots they missed? Does the skin look chewed up? If the skin looks obviously chewed you DO NOT want this person to tattoo you!

Do you like the overall appearance of the tattoo? Is it appealing to YOUR eye? Does it look cluttered or messy? Do you like the use of colors? It is possible that the lines may be clean and the shading is smooth, but you’re still not into that particular artist. In this case you might want to find someone with a different style of drawing that is more appealing to you.
Step 3 - Personality.    
Talk to the artist before you make an appointment. Ask them questions. It has been my experience that not every artist is as pleasant as the next. So make sure you feel comfortable with that person before you let them stick a needle in you.



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